A State Of WebAssembly - The Browser is now a real VM

WebAssembly is a new langage embedded into the Web Browser, close to the venerable assembly, able to improve and fasterize computational tasks. Power the Web at lightning speed!

WebAssembly is a new virtual machine embedded in the browser. It doesn’t transpile to JavaScript like its forerunners; it produces a new binary format, like the old assembler, executed in a dedicated VM into your browser. Genius, it exposes a bridge between JS APIs and WebAssembly executables. Last browsers engines developments allow very fast exchanges between JS and WASM code.

So, let’s start with a projet that need a huge computing time. We will develop the core code in Rust, compile it to WASM using LLVM, and we will display the results in a front view powered via JavaScript. No need to know how does it work, we will see it together.

This talk takes place in a new series named #StartFromNowhere: let’s start from front-end developers skills, and deep dive into a new technology. In 45’, let’s learn the basics.



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m4dz is a "curious pet". Tech Evangelist at alwaysdata, a PaaS hosting provider, he has made security and privacy one of his challenges for the Web. All the technologies are under his radar, to make all the digital players aware of our realities. Chronic optimist, his favourite book will always remain "Alice in Wonderland".