5G mirage ! Beware !

The 5G seems to be the new disruptive technology able to change the world. But it will be a huge waste of resources and energy while the Earth overshoot day arrives sooner every year! We have to fight against this magic thought: "technology will solve everything and growth could last forever!"

This talk will first state the actual drawbacks of information technology, mainly regarding environmental and social issues. Then we will discuss several aspects of the 5G : Economical growth potential Resources consumption Energy consumption Data privacy Health To conclude by the fundamental question : which technology do we really NEED ?




Adrien Montagut-Romans


After a Phd in organic chemistry and 3 years of research in different fields from new rat poisons to new cosmetics, I decided to realign my career. Indeed I was searching for a job more in line with my values and my environmental preoccupations. So when my friend Elie presented the opportunity to co-create a cooperative to fight against planned obsolescence, I jumped in. So here I am co-founder of Commown !