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Principles for Data Visualization Design

Data visualization is the process of making numeric data visual, such as in charts and graphs and maps and networks. I'll go over some basic chart design principles for communicating clearly, and show examples of excellent static and interactive charts created primarily by data journalists to communicate to a wide audience. We will finish with some discussion of using multiple charts and interactive techniques to tell a data "story."

Design Design
vendredi 20 avril
16h20 - 17h10

Amphithéâtre Lovelace

Lynn Cherny

Lynn Cherny is an Associate Professor in emlyon business school's new Data R&D Institute, teaching data science courses. Previously, she was a consultant in data analysis and visualization for 6 years; and prior to that she did UX design for software companies for 18 years. Her Ph.D. is in Linguistics from Stanford University.

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