An Introduction to Large Scale Scrum (LeSS): Real life stories

This lecture aims at people who are not yet familiar with the LeSS framework.

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#TALK en Anglais
jeudi 19 avril
16h20 - 17h10

Salle Nonaka (S104)

I will explain what LeSS is, how LeSS relates to Scrum and what the key differences with Scrum are. I will touch upon the impact of LeSS adoptions and share with my experience working at various smaller and larger companies.

The audience needs to have understanding of Scrum

Roland Flemm


My technical background in development and infrastructure spans a period of more than 20 years, but more relevant are the 8 years I am working as a Scrum Master and Agile Coach. I worked on numerous projects in various international companies, mainly in the banking industry. Currently, I work at Backbase Amsterdam with 40 colleagues in the R&D department. I love playing guitar, Prince, and electronic music.


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