NoEstimates Game

Wondering what NoEstimates means in practice, or why you would want to use NoEstimates? Perhaps you’ve heard the buzz, read Vasco Duarte’s excellent book or simply want to understand how to plan better and reduce risk. If so, you should attend this workshop session for a multi-team game that will help you:

  • Learn the basics of NoEstimates and why the concept can help
  • Find out through experimentation what — and how much — different factors influence delivery time
  • Learn how to create a probabilistic forecast that provides a less risky way to plan
  • Understand how to reduce variation that affects — and creates risk in — delivery

For more information, including the game materials, please visit

Apprendre Apprendre
#WORKSHOP en Anglais
vendredi 21 avril
10h00 - 11h50

Salle Dijkstra (S105)

Matthew Philip

Matt Philip is the Director of Agile Coaching at Asynchrony Labs, a US-based information-technology consulting firm that specializes in in custom-application delivery. He has worked in software development as a coach, trainer, quality advocate and facilitator, helping organizations and teams become fit for their purpose. He is especially passionate about motivational design and the Kanban method and is one of the founding organizers of the Lean Kanban St. Louis meetup.


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