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Silver Bullet Syndrome

What's the next Silver Bullet that will solve all our issues? Come find out!

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jeudi 21 avril
11h10 - 11h35

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We love our silver bullets don’t we? Constantly chasing the dream that the next big thing will solve all our past problems. It doesn’t matter if it’s a language, framework, platform or library, we’re out there chasing it. Why? Well because it’s going to solve our needs, it’s going to solve the business needs. Well supposedly it will. And how much is it going to cost? Not that much, especially if we’re not the ones paying the bills.

It’s about time we look at the hard facts and ask those difficult questions. Are we really looking for a silver bullet? Why are we constantly riding the technology bandwagon? Where is the churn going to take us? And at what cost?

Hadi Hariri

Developer, Speaker, Developer Advocacy Team Lead at JetBrains

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