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OrientDB - the 2nd generation of (MultiModel)NoSQL

NoSQL claim was to use the right database model for the right domain. Bad news, in most cases a single database model is not enough!

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In last years NoSQL experienced a huge upward trend, offering new data models (Document, Graph, Key-Value...) to solve problems where old RDBMS failed. Now people who have chosen NoSQL as an architecture component, realize that a single data model (even when richer that relational), is not enough for average needs. Today's next generation solutions scale horizontally and provide enterprise-grade availability and security whilst simplifying development through multiple APIs. Luigi Dell'Aquila, Director of Consulting at Orient Technologies Ltd (the company behind OrientDB, the first ever multi-model database), discusses the latest technology innovations and the market's demand for databases that combine more than one NoSQL model (ex. GraphDB, DocumentDB, Key/Value, Objects). In this lecture, we will discuss why graph databases are at the heart of the multi-model revolution and why we're approaching the end of NoSQL's fragmented ecosystem where customers are forced to use multiple tools in their architectures. Benefits and compromises of this approach along with real world use cases will also be shared.

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Luigi Dell'aquila

Software developer, OpenSource enthusiast, Director of Consulting at OrientDB LTD.

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