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Entangling artefacts

Learn how to evolve your tools to embody continuous improvement.

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When developing in an agile fashion, we use artefacts every day as a support for communication and production, to measure and learn. Even though we prefer to think about interactions rather than tools, the latter end up mediating the former.

Rather than denying this aspect, I will put forward a proposal on how we can use it to our advantage, and we'll explore it together.

Based on 18 months of experiments in a startup and analysis through cognitive anthropology and system models, we'll see how the system of production can be entangled with the artefacts that represent it. You will thus be presented both with an abstract definition of what makes an artefact powerful enough to embody continuous improvement; and concrete, tested examples of how to do it, such as the a Guide Board, or the set of operations you can apply to a Task Board for it to evolve.

This will be the basis for a research workshop where we'll find out the limitations of this approach by applying it to your own artefacts.

Matti Schneider

Transdisciplinary engineer. Building software, studying humans, designing interactions, thinking society.

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