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Driving Open Source Adoption with Documentation

Conquer the complexity of creating documentation. Learn how to plan, structure, and write documentation for all types of users.

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Documentation is crucial to increasing an open source project's adoption and growth. But once you consider your users' needs as well as their backgrounds, environments, and constraints, writing the documentation can feel overwhelming.

In this workshop, we'll conquer this complexity by breaking down the planning, organization, and creation of documentation into basic, repeatable steps.

Specifically, we'll learn how to:

• Determine your project’s audiences

• Select and prioritize the types of documentation each audience needs

• Outline and write the text

• Brainstorm and create useful and interesting examples

• Use the documentation to improve your project

This workshop is hands on!

We will sort through user data, analyze the user data, and discover how the results will help us determine what documentation we should write. Then we will work through a horrible tutorial and figure out how to make it better.

You do not need any specific hardware, software, or programming knowledge to participate in this workshop.

Sarah White

Co-lead of Asciidoctor. Open source advocate and contributor. Creator of happy endings, alien invasions, and documentation adventures.

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