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Communicating Across the Skills Gap

This talk will focus on practical, real-world ways to bridge the communication divide between technical and non-technical team members.

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As developers, we’re often tasked with collaborating with non-technical teams and partners to build our products. Communication with these teams and partners can be limited by a lack of shared vocabulary, scope and perspective. This workshop will explore ways that development professionals can better recognize when a gap in technical understanding is limiting communication and offer strategies to better communicate with a diverse range of backgrounds.

We’ll be working in short groups throughout this workshop, testing proposed communication strategies and developing new approaches based on participants’ backgrounds and experience.

While focusing on way that developers can better communicate across a range of technical skill levels, this workshop will also touch on ways in which those outside of development roles can work to elicit clearer communication from technical team members. Managers of mixed teams may also benefit from participation. Programming knowledge will not be required for this workshop.

Jessica Rose

Self taught programmer and communications expert focusing on tech education and outreach projects.

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