TEST DRIVEN BUSINESS For Lean Startup Products

A Lean Startup workshop in the trenches to experiment TEST DRIVEN BUSINESS approach : What about starting the Learning Loop with "Measure"?

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The Minimum Viable Product (MVP) stays at the foundation of a lean start-up. In the loop of “Ideation–Design–Build–Measure–Improve”, the MVP is the reason and the purpose of a lean star-tup. For everyone who is confronted in their day-to-day work with choices of the best options to create products that customers will fall in love with, I propose an original approach called Test-Driven Business (TDB), where the measures and tests that will be done after the product release are defined before the design of the future product.

This session, presented in a workshop format, will show the difference of focus in defining an MVP in an classic design-first approach, and the Test-Driven Business (defining metrics/test first). During the session, the participants will build an MVP lean canvas in a design-first approach for a chosen product, then a version of the lean canvas using the Test-Driven Business metrics-first approach.

The session shows that using the Test-Driven Business, where we define first what the tests/metrics to validate the product will be, and that it allows a more specific definition of key features, a more focused customer segment and that it helps answer the question, “How will I have really auditable and actionable measures?”

Agenda of the workshop:

introduction: Test-Driven Business choose a product First round:

state the product vision create a lean canvas (using elevator pitch) Second round:

define the meaningful measures: use the solution-focused technique/set of questions to explore what impacts are expected and the measures of that impact define the new lean canvas by filling the key metrics first with measures found in the former step conclusion and possible further exploration

Oana Juncu

Oana likes to call herself an Agile Business DJ, who mixes whatever practices of collective intelligence, from Agile to TheoryU help people, teams and organisations to become proud of their outcomes and delight their customers. After 15 years of experience in Software Development and System Management has driven Oana to embrace Agile and Lean mind set, principles and practices, that she believes are the most effective approaches for 21st century lead organizations willing to focus on quality products with high impact on the market. She recently embraced the entrepreneurship path by founding cOemerge, a company that helps its large or smaller clients grow Agility and entrepreneurial mindset through Lean Startup. To reinforce the effectiveness of Lean Startup, she developed an original approach to defining products in a Lean Startup way, called "Test Driven Business Oana acts as an Agile Transformation facilitator , using Creative Solution Definition. She trains and coach Agile teams (from core Business to Software Development and Support Services), so they are able to adopt the set of practices, from Scrum to Kanban and Lean improvement techniques, that are most adapted to their context and goal. A key focus is building cross-organizations Product Ownership awareness to align their mission alignment toward User Value creation.


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