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Drawing 101: Mastering the Stickman!

'I can't draw' is wrong! Anyone can draw and can enhance their visual facilitation skills. This is no theory - come and DRAW FROM SCRATCH!

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Over the last years there is a growing interest in fields and practices like visual facilitation, visual communication, skecthnoting, story telling... Still, most people get thwarted on the beginning steps - drawing!

As Jurgen Appelo uses to say, it's not that people 'can't draw', only they might not be able to draw as professional artists, but even the most rudimentary skills on drawing can provide amazing results when it comes to enhance your facilitation and coaching work.

This workshop will start from scratch, with no previous skills required other than holding a pen, and will provide you with enough background to start your visual facilitation and sketching path with one of the most powerful tools for story telling - the stick man!

Overall, lots of fun guaranteed... :P

Angel Medinilla

Agile trainer and coach. M30 Licensed Trainer. 'Agile Management' and 'Agile Kaizen' author. Dark Lord of Agile Sith. Crazy Spaniard.

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