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Consulting Secrets for Effective Communication

We all communicate, but some people seem more effective. Attend "Consulting Secrets" to learn how you can give your message more impact!

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Sometimes it's not just about code. It's about understanding, sharing, communication, and leverage.

Unfortunately, the skills to work well with others--from stakeholders, to users, to team mates--isn't taught in school. It's not taught most anyplace.

This interactive talk will give participants the chance to practice stances and communication techniques that will immediately impact their effectiveness.

Take advantage of this opportunity to learn how consultants use the skills of business analysts and scrum masters to influence the opinions and actions of people around them. Come and learn practical "soft skill" tips for making an impact on your project, team members, stakeholders, and executives.

Jeffrey Davidson

consulting analyst, engaging speaker, skilled facilitator, occasional goof ball, playful father, devoted husband, and handsome fellow

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