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Biotech breaks free... and so does tech!

Trends in biotech are bringing new ways of interacting with living matters, and so do other techs. Let's talk about hacking... biohacking!

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Rieul Techer is a member of the non-profit organization "La Paillasse" in Paris one of the world's largest community laboratories, commonly called hackerspaces, that foster open access and open source biotechnologies. He is also the co-founder of "La Paillasse Saône" in Lyon, a non-profit organization strongly connected to the emerging network of "Paillasses" over the world and dedicated to open source cleantechnologies and bio-inspired technologies with a strong integration to the Rhône-Alpes innovation ecosystem. Working closely with Thomas Landrain, co-founder and president of "La Paillasse" in Paris who is an active member of the Do-it-yourself Biology (DIYbio) community, organizing the launch of DIYbio Europe, and working regularly as one of its spokespersons, Rieul is an active member of the "Tiers-Lieux" community and highly committed to innovation (technology and social), open-concepts and the common goods production. Convinced that the 21st century will be the century of the citizen appropriation of the way to innovate from a DIY perspective, particularly in the field of bio-inspired technologies and cleantechnologies, he is focusing on making research and experimentation more accessible for citizens and amateurs. At "la Paillasse" people are developing cheap genetic diagnostic and creative use of biomaterials, but it won't stop at your door step... Rieul is working on democratizing the access to research and innovation in various fields, making more accessible to use technologies and for anyone to build useful low-tech at a limited cost. With a highly interdisciplinary background in engineering, research, innovation, finance and management in the fields of energy and environment (strong interaction between bio and clean), Rieul is currently starting to work on innovation management process and financing; in the meantime he is co-building "La Paillasse Saône": the first eco-hacklab bridging bio and clean.

Rieul Techer

Dedicated to & Passionate about society development, innovation and experiments. Member at la Paillasse & Founder at la Paillasse Saône

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