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Basic Coaching Skills to Magnify Teamwork

You can't ORDER a team to self-organise - it breaks the self-organisation paradigm! Coaching skills really help - even as a guerilla tactic

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In the past, thinkers planned and do-ers executed and all was.. well, orderly, at least.

But our work has changed, basic tasks are now automated, and success depends on the real-time interaction of many creative people. This shift from traditional management to a more collaborative style can be challenging, though: how do we move from "telling" to new forms of leadership that get our teams fully engaged? How do we "make" self-organisation happen? (And: isn't that a contradiction in itself?)

The good news is that leadership is back in focus: rather than "managing" teamwork, leaders (at all levels) can help restore meaning to teamwork, and can model and encourage new ways of working.

The tools for doing this are somewhat counterintuitive, though: for example, when we replace "telling" with "listening and asking" the process may slow down at first, and the results become less predictable... but by taking this risk ourselves we send a clear invitation, that is more than just words. When we begin to show that we don't have all the answers, and really invite our colleagues to help us find the way forward, we build new bridges of respect and trust, and kindle new passion within our teams as each one is appreciated for bringing his or her best to the work.

My journey to learn coaching skills has drastically changed how I interact with individuals and groups - my work is now less stressful and yet more demanding! I manage my own energy more intentionally, and I more actively engaging my students and colleagues - to create outcomes full of energy and life.

Join me to explore simple (but not easy!) coaching skills like Listening, Powerful Questions, and "Not Fixing" (in a coaching dojo). Sometimes I'll talk, but mostly you will discuss and practice in small groups, and we will reflect together on what we learn. I can't wait!

The session will be run in English, and groupwork may be done in the language of participants. Je parles aussi français. (Ahem... au moins, Québécois!)

Deborah Preuss

life coach, team whisperer, community creator, holding space for change

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