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Validated Influencing Workshop

Introduction to Validated Influencing (see Validated Influencing talk); Group exercises.

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In this workshop Ivana will take you on a short trip to experience the systematic approach of Validated Influencing.

She applies the Lean Startup’s Validated Learning idea to observing and influencing complex systems.

When we lead, coach, or influence for change we base our choices and actions on assumptions. We need short feedback loops and good metrics to evaluate our progress and that we are progressing into the right direction. Validated Influencing offers a way to reduce assumptions and shorten feedback loops so that we improve consciously. Raising our awareness improves the effectiveness and impact of our work.

Validated Influencing is exceptionally useful in situations where the goal is fuzzy and progress hard to assess. Our results have shown increased transparency and trust in collaborating on change as external coaches and increased courage and pace in challenging personal transitions.

Ivana will also let you work on concrete small examples to learn how to apply the method yourself.

Ivana Gancheva

Ivana is an agile developer, project manager and business influence. She is a passionate leader and community contributor.

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