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Validated Influencing

Introduction to Validated Influencing: a systematic approach to evaluate our progress and ensure we are progressing into the right direction

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In this talk Ivana will present the systematic approach of Validated Influencing. She applies the Lean Startup’s Validated Learning ideas to observation and influencing.

When we lead, coach, follow, we are bound to base our behaviour and choices on assumptions. We need short feedback loops and good metrics to evaluate our progress and that we are progressing into the right direction. Validated Influencing offers a way to reduce assumptions and shorten feedback loop so that we improve consciously.

Ivana will introduce common language for Validated Influencing, as well as a method to improve leadership, coaching and change artists’ skills by focusing on awareness and validation of assumptions when observing and/or influencing people and systems. She will give examples of how Validated Influencing has been used in organizations in practice. The method improves the effectiveness and impact of our influencing. In addition, she will present two examples of the method used in practice.

Ivana Gancheva

Ivana is an agile developer, project manager and business influence. She is a passionate leader and community contributor.

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