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The road to potential shippable increments

A case study on how a team used the improvement kata and Theory of Constraints to consistently deliver 100% of their sprint backlog and more

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One of the most common struggles of Scrum teams is finishing a sprint 100%. In their retrospectives, teams work out improvement actions to address this issue. These actions are often targeting better planning, better estimating or better preparation of user stories. However, as time proceeds, the next sprints are not completed 100% neither. Even when the Scrum master encourages the team to commit to less story points. They always seems to deliver 80% to 90% of the sprint backlog. Not only is this very demotivating, it also compromises shipping the next increment. In this session I will explain with a case study, why this struggle is not related to poor planning, estimating or preparation. I will share how this specific team used the improvement kata and Theory of Constraints to optimize their flow of work and ended up finishing their sprints successfully.

Nick Oostvogels

Agile coach, Lean enthusiast, book addict, mountainbike amateur, blogger, author of Kanban for skeptics

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