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Retrospectives in action

Learn what retrospectives are all about by participating in this interactive workshop filled with exercises, tips and tricks and interaction

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At the heart of agile and lean thinking is the idea of change for the better.

One small improvement every day is another step towards continuous improvement. In many agile teams, retrospectives are the key enabling practice to continuous improvement yet it’s often difficult to understand what an effective retrospective feels like, and what elements teams should strive for.

This workshop offers something for everyone to learn how to use retrospectives to foster a culture of continuous improvement. People new to agile methods will learn what retrospectives are, why they are so important and some of the key elements to how to make them successful. Experienced people will refine their understanding through our exploration of the key elements and widen their toolkit by an experienced and passionate retrospective facilitator.

More importantly this tutorial encourages the most effective learning by involving all participants in a series of exercises to experience what an effective retrospective might feel like.

Participants will come away having learned:

  • The key elements of a retrospective
  • The responsibilities of the facilitator
  • A set of exercises to be used throughout a retrospective
  • The pitfalls and remedies when retrospectives go wrong

No prior experience is required to participate in this tutorial

Nick Oostvogels

Agile coach, Lean enthusiast, book addict, mountainbike amateur, blogger, author of Kanban for skeptics

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