Crafting Custom Android Views

Venez découvrir la recette magique pour construire des "custom Views" et rendre les interfaces de vos application Android uniques !

The Android framework is bundled with a large set of UI widgets (aka Views) that may be used to create basic UIs. Using the provided widgets is often a good starting point but one may rapidly be confronted to the lack of possibilities. Fortunately, some options do exist and mainly consist on mastering the View class and its hierarchy.

In this talk, we will focus on pushing the Android UI framework to the next level. We will demonstrate Android lets you go beyond your imagination by improving the existing widgets, creating compound controls and/or crafting completely new Views. If you want to build insanely innovative and advanced UI on Android and want to delight your users, this talk is definitely for you!

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Cyril Mottier

Android Google Developer Expert 2013. Passionate about Android, iOS, design, UI/UX, iconography, typography, etc.